A comment worth noting

A comment worth noting

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NO matter how many times Kwesi Nyantakyi is re-elected, it cannot pass without a comment or two since each has its ramifications.

Obviously, it has come as no surprise to many who are closer to the corridors of the GFA – it was just a matter of waiting for who ever would have contested him and the margin of votes between them.

Looking back at some of the pre-election comments, the efforts to stop the election through a court order and some post-election comments, there is the need for some re-examination.

Outlining some of his plans for the next four years, Nyantakyi might not even have given one particular issue among these comments cursory thought.

He did mention the need to improve spectatoring, the construction of good pitches in each of the 10 regions and the improvement of the local league, among others.

But what he might have overlooked is that he needs more competent persons to help him deliver on these laudable objectives.

And that was what New Edubiase, CEO, Alex Ackumey said a day after Nyantakyi was re-elected by the Extraordinary Congress of the GFA at Tamale recently.

According to Mr. Ackumey, “the current composition of the Executive Committee of the GFA is made up less than 60 per cent competent well-drilled and astute soccer administrators who really understand where the modern game of football is heading to”.

If his comments are anything to go by, then these laudable ideas of Nyantakyi may not be fully realised in the four years as expected, since he may not have the right persons to help him deliver.

Mr. Ackumey went on to be specific in a way by stating that the ineffectiveness of some of the members on the current Executive Committee was hugely affecting the work of Nyantakyi.

While he did not mention any names, members of the Ex-co are known and many a primary stakeholder should be in a position to access their work.

No one knows why Mr. Ackumey made these comments, but one thing is certain though.

If confidential decisions or discussions at some meetings have been known to leak to the media, then Nyantakyi cannot be said to be in safe waters.

This is especially in situations where in his attempt to deliver on promises made, he might be perceived as a tin-god or arrogant with almost every comment or action of his given a twist of some sort.

For instance, he has stretched out his hands to government to partner the GFA in the provision of football pitches which is the former’s preserve through the National Sports Authority (NSA).

Some may misinterpret this call to be Nyantakyi getting carried away by his re-election and therefore popularity.

Add the latest honour bestowed on him, enskinnment as the Development Chief of Wa (Jen Jeng Naa Sung Maale) to the ‘Boole Naa’ of Tamale and he would be a juicy target for those who want to take a swipe at him at the least opportunity.

That notwithstanding, the bottom-line is whether he would get more able persons to work with in his efforts to revitalise local football as opposed to the league – the league is only one component Ghana’s football.

In pursuit of that, he needs not only the right Executive Committee members but also the right persons on the various sub-committees.

It is these persons who are on the ground and, given the right conditions, would contribute in no small way to the realization of his is objectives.

All said, he has set himself very ambitious objectives, and like a man climbing a coconut tree, all eyes will be on him to see whether he would get his footholds right in the effort to pluck the fruits down.

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