Bitta Swit is strategic

Bitta Swit is strategic

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EVEN before he officially registers his presence on the music scene, newest Afro-Pop artiste Bitta Swit seems quite certain about how to beat the competition therein.

Among the strategies, he says, is to learn the universal language of music, such that geography will not pose any barrier to the audiences he could reach globally.

“Ghanaian musicians always want to go international, but they fail to ask how,” he observed, indicating that his ability to speak and apply French to compose songs gave him an edge over his competitors.

He said even though English and French were the two dominant languages in Africa, “many artistes do not care about learning or speaking French.

“But I’ve learnt it and am already reaching a much wider audience with my music, through the internet,” Bitta Swit told The Spectator Agoro on Tuesday.

Commenting on the motivation behind his latest French single Jouer, Bitta Swit explained: “Music, they say, is a universal language, so we should understand that even though we’re in Ghana, music knows no language barriers.”

The song is one of three singles, including Go Crazy and Adepa, which the promising singer-cum-rapper has released within the past couple of weeks.

In the video clip of Adepa, the new artiste only makes a case about his singing prowess, leaving the rap to the veteran Hiplife artiste, Okyeame Kwame.

“To me, music is the best channel to send across the message I have for the world,” he said, “…and the message is about struggles of Africa, sadness and triumph, peace and love, and happiness.

“These are the things that I sing about, which I also believe will endear me to music lovers across the globe.”

On his maiden album, Bitta Swit said he will “hopefully” release the 10-song masterpiece, titled the African Child, early next year, by which time he would have proven his mettle to more music fans.

Asked about his role models, he answered: “I listen to several artistes and genres of music, so I am inspired differently by different artistes.

“So when I, for instance, look at Okyeame Kwame, I think about the business side of music, whereas Sarkodie and Jay Z mean brands, and so forth.”




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