Lifestyle Blues

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® A good listener is attentive. They make good eye contact, don’t interrupt what the other person is saying and show an interest in what is being communicated. There’s always something incredible you can hear in anyone’s story.

® A good listener does not look over the shoulder of the person speaking or wait for someone more interesting to come along.

® A good listener does not check his/her phone or tablet in the middle of a conversation, when someone is sharing with them.

® A good listener is not waiting for the chance to get a word in, treating the ‘period of listening’ as a pause in their ‘monologue.’

® A good listener uses positive body language; leaning forward and showing an enthusiastic, relaxed nature. He/she does not fidget, cross arms, look elsewhere or express inappropriate shock or disbelief at what’s shared.

® A good listener does not approach a conversation with prejudice, expecting to know what’s going to come out of the speaker’s lips.

® A good listener cares.

® A good listener remembers. They remember and follow up conversations wherever possible. They treat what is shared with respect.

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We live in a society today, where suicide rates due to depression have been increasing at an alarming rate and many of the hapless victims are youngsters. What is it that drives them to end their lives? Why are they so disgusted with life?

They are extremely dissatisfied and suffer from very poor self-esteem.  All of this stems from an ‘Inferiority Complex’.

® Stay away from negative people for a while

There are many people who feel insecure and they in turn get sadistic and point out the flaws in you. This should not bog you down. You must not even pay heed to it. But if it is too much to handle, try and stay away from all the negative elements that upset you.

® Talk to people and spend more time with your loved ones

Come out of that shell you have created around yourself! Jump out of that well you have mistakenly fallen into! Talk to people. You will see a different side to your story. You will learn that life is how we take it! Mingle with people because it will lessen the mental burden you feel.  Seek a psychiatrist’s counsel if the need arises

®Look out for sources of motivation

Watch out for anything that can lift your spirits up! Any book that can change the way you think and inspire you to be bold, or any movie whose character ignites that fire in you, or any person whose story can motivate you.

®  Stop the comparison, now!

Stop comparing yourself to every other person. Your wants will form an endless list. Every person have their own assets and liabilities. To compare and come to a conclusion is a very unwise thing to do.

®   Identify the root cause and work on it

There may be several reasons why you start feeling inferior. It may be because of your physical appearance or failure to achieve anything you wanted to. Physical appearance does not decide what you achieve in your life. Do not let it to douse the spirit in you.

® Love yourself and enjoy yourself!

I will tell you two magical words: “Love Yourself!” Your parents, friends and dear ones love you. But first, you must learn to accept yourself for who you are, enjoy yourself and love yourself! It will ward off all the unnecessary stress.


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