Obaa Yaa

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Dear Obaa Yaa,

My boyfriend is a sex addict. He
requests for sex on a daily basis. I recently discovered this when I moved in with him two months ago.

What bothers me is the fact that he prefers certain uncomfortable positions which he says spices up the relationship. He gets angry anytime I complain and he says sex forms an important part of our relationship. What does this mean?

Worried lady,


Dear worried lady,

I suggest you leave this unhealthy relationship especially if your boyfriend has not realized that he has a problem. How long can you have sex on a daily basis with sexual positions you do not feel comfortable with. Remember that if he does not get sexual satisfaction from you one day, he would have it from another person. And are you ready to put up with a cheating partner? You did not state whether you are a student or a worker. However I will advice you to tread cautiously in such relationship. Are you sure of this young man marrying you? Why don’t you wait before doing what adults do? This guy will just waste you and dump you. Please be wise.


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