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A three-day health sensitisation seminar on ebola and cholera has been organised for staff of Accra Polytechnic.

The seminar, educated the staff on the mode of transmission and how to prevent contracting these ailments. Dr Kusi-Kyere educating participants

Dr Adjoa Kusi-Kyere, attached to the Polyclinic Clinic said, ebola and cholera were claiming many lives in the sub-region.

She said ebola which causes hemorrhagic fever, results in severe headache, weakness, muscle aches, vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhoea and bleeding from the body’s openings among others.

Dr Kusi-Kyere said those highly susceptible to contracting the disease were doctors, ambulance drivers, and relatives of infected patients.

On cholera,Dr Kusi-Kyere said the symptoms included diarrhoea, vomiting, dehydration, drowsiness, droopy eyes, and a dryness of mouth, with much thirst.

AccraShe explained that the disease was not a communicable one, adding that it was prevalent in dirty environments, in wet seasons, close to lagoons, and burial places of infected persons.

Dr Kusi-Kyere advised the staff to main personal hygiene by washing their hands, eating well prepared food, and seeking early treatment when infected.

Prof Sylvester Achio, Rector of the Polytechnic, asked the staff to observe personal hygiene, and take care of themselves.

He said the government had provided some equipment for the school’s hospital to treat suspected patients.

Prof Achio said the disease is no respecter of persons, hence the need for all to take care of themselves.

Dr Prince Pambo, in charge of the hospital asked the staff to take the issues raised at the seminar seriously to stay healthy.

By Raymond Kyekye

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The blizzard was raging fiercely around them as the brothers stumbled down the long road.  They were miles from any farm, and knew they had to seek shelter or freeze to death.  So it was with  gratitude that the two brothers spotted a saloon and pushed their way through the door.

Every eye in the room turned upon them, as the boys ordered coffee with the last of their money. As the bartender went to fetch the hot drink, most of the regulars returned to their conversations.  But one man continued to stare;  a massive butcher with a mop of red hair and a long red beard who was the worse for drink.


His songs and lyrics have stirred controversy in the industry and he is undoubtly described as one of Ghana’s finest traditional gospel music legends. The...