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GBA president, Peter Zwennes – never has so much expected and so few achieved

In far away South Africa, a tragic incident occurred that should be a wake-up call for many lovers of boxing in Ghana, especially the Ghana Boxing Authority (GBA).

On September 12, 2015, Eastern Cape junior welterweight Mzwanele Nkompolo died after he was knocked out in the first round by Sophenathi Qambi.

Whether he went through the mandatory medical examination required for such fights to take place or not cannot be readily known —

what is known is that he entered the ring a seemingly fit man.

To the casual reader or observer this was just another tragic event that happens in boxing – they may even call it occupational hazard, so to speak.

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The Queens never expected to be given such a treatment after winning gold at the Games

GHANA’s over-all performance at the just-ended All Africa Games could be considered mediocre – and that should have been the crying subject for discussion now.

Winning just two gold and other medals to sum up to 19, cannot be heartening in view of the colossal amount of the tax payer’s money expanded on the quadrennial Games.

Available record this writer chanced upon suggested that the contingent spent something in the region of GH¢16 million and that is massive enough to churn out a googol of medals in the 16 disciplines that represented the country. There may have been issues that border on comprehensive preparations.


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