World Of Children

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Children of the Tesano Baptist Church last Saturday, dominated a health walk exercise, meant to mark the Men’s Fellowship Week Celebration of the church.

The walk started from the church premise and ended in the same venue, with music and aerobics as part of activities to mark the event.

Mr. Ransford Tetteh, president of the Men’s Fellowship of the church, told The Spectator that the children were invited to take part of the health walk due to the importance of exercise to both adults and young people alike.

He commended the children’s determination to achieve the same feat as the adult members who also took part in the exercise.

The youth in the church were later engaged in a car washing activity as part of measures to show their love and support for the various elders in the church.

Mr. George Diogo, Coordinator of the Men’s Fellowship and president of the Timothy Group in the church, said the car wash initiative was to show appreciation to members of the men’s fellowship for the commitment to the development of the Tesano Baptist Church.

By Wisdom Jonny-Nuekpe


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