Don’t blame ECG

Don’t blame ECG

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DEAR Editor,

     Since Dr. Kwame Nkrumah built the Akosombo Dam, no government has been able to plan its maintenance effectively.

It was only in 2007/2008 that with the realization of future power demands, the construction of the Bui Dam was initiated.

The ECG has come under much criticism for its inability to deliver the required power to the country. In my view, the ECG is not to blame for the current power crisis.

Also, blaming President Mahama and his government for it would not put an end to the ‘dumso’ phenomenon.

It’s high time we stopped the blame game and rather looked for solutions to the problem. This is because we are all to blame for the crisis. Our failure and unwillingness to pay bills and connecting power illegally to our homes and businesses are contributory factors.

How can ECG do proper maintenance when we do not honour our commitments to it? From where does the company get the money to run to our satisfaction, when we do not pay our bills?

To overcome the power crisis, I suggest that, all the political parties and people in authority should come together and devise a workable solution for it. The political differences should be put aside, in the interest of mother Ghana.

We are all Ghanaians and have no other country than Ghana. Let us all put our ideas and strengths together, to pull the country out of the woods. A prosperous Ghana would be for the benefit of us all.

Helena Kwakye, Jayee University College, Accra.






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