Most employees know it is best to avoid gossip and unprofessional behaviour in the workplace. Bad behaviour can be disruptive, damage workplace morale and possibly lead to termination.

Although nobody is perfect, and there might be times when you are tempted to engage in negative behaviours at work, aim to quickly correct any lapses in judgment and demonstrate standard workplace etiquette.

Keep Your Personal and Professional Lives Separate

It is fun to make friends at work and spend time socializing with them, especially if you have a lot in common and plenty to discuss. However, you should draw certain lines between your professional and private lives.

Avoid Spreading Gossip

It is difficult to control workplace gossip, but you can control your reaction to it. Maintaining a professional image means keeping conversations factual and business-related, not speculative or personal. Gossiping about your boss or co-workers is a fast path to being viewed as unprofessional, immature and untrustworthy.

When someone starts spreading workplace gossip, simply let her know you are not interested and walk away.

Be Positive

Rather than say negative things about your co-workers, make it a point to say positive things. Having someone on board who has an energized, upbeat attitude is an asset to morale and rarely goes unnoticed by management.

Stay Focused

Do not get drawn into the drama. You were hired to perform certain duties, so focusing on doing your own job well should take up most of your time at work. If you indulge in gossip or other bad behaviour, you will not only get sidetracked from accomplishing your professional goals, you will also get a reputation for being negative.



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