YES, she has featured once in a movie and even picked an award for it, but popular TV personality, Anita Erskine, insists she will never make acting her business.

Instead, the vocal women’s right champion sees music as an indulgence she will “sooner or later” add to her repertoire of engagements, in her quest to express herself in the best forms she could ever be.

In a one-on-one interview granted The Spectator Agoro on Wednesday, Anita stated she will not be “carried away” by her output in the movie Singles & Married, produced by Yvonne Nelson.

“I will leave that to the professionals because serious as I see acting, you need people who will commit all their time and attention to it,” she said, in response to a question about what she is not.

“Write it boldly, I’m not an actress and will never be, and I’m not a dancer, but I’m a communicator, a writer, poet and singing is one thing that I will sooner or later add to my repertoire,” she added.


Starr FM move

Anita, the latest big shot to join Accra-based Starr FM, was unveiled last week Friday to co-host the radio station’s Starr Drive show with the regular host, Nathan Kwabena Adisi, popularly known as Bola Ray.

Along with the buzz that has attended the much-applauded announcement, has also been the debate about the “juiciness” of her contract, alongside her own motivation for switching.

“The offer was beautiful, but I had to still fight for it,” she teased, as she narrated how she eventually landed with the station.

“Bola Ray gave me a call one day, to see if getting back into radio was something that fitted into my immediate scheme of things. Obviously, much as I loved the idea, I had to discuss with my family and they agreed,” she said.

“I didn’t know I was going to co-host a show with Bola until everything was finalized,” she said, describing working with him as an opportunity she readily welcomed “not because he is Bola but because of how he challenges everybody to do their best.”

Anita dismissed suggestions that co-hosting a show with Bola Ray was an attempt to balance a gender equation, given her strong women activism background, or a means to groom her to take over from Bola in the near future.

“It has nothing to do with women empowerment, though I still can cascade my views through should any such need arises. What this is all about is me and what I have to offer.

“I bring on board a female voice, my own personality, a sense of humor, my own following, passion, et cetera. Luckily, Bola and I share a common vision, but we are different personalities,” she explained.

On why she took the Starr FM challenge, Anita responded: “For the first time, I’m dealing with businessmen who have huge respect for the arts. As such, I didn’t have to fight for what I really want, as I’ve had in the past!”


Family constraints?

Asked about how she attends to her multiple professional engagements and her domestic duties as a wife and mother of two children aged seven and five, Anita said her family had been very supportive.

“My family has been amazing, especially my husband. Even though my kids are pretty young, they understand what I do – and their dad constantly reminds them about it also.

“Time management also calls for discipline, sacrifice and making good use of leisure hours. I also learn to have a social life, in order to relax,” she said.



With an ambition to become a powerful force on the media and communications landscape in Ghana and beyond, Anita holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies from Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario.

The host of many television shows, Anita runs two communication outfits, Brand Woman Africa (BWA) and Reverb Gh, with the latter engaged in developing and producing entertainment content for TV, events, artistes and marketing proposals, among others.

The BWA, on the other hand, “is a global network for African women whose work in television and film inspires and helps to provide opportunities for young African women with dreams to work in or on television.”

Anita was born to Mrs. Rose and Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Alexander Erskine, a one-time presidential aspirant, in Jerusalem in 1978. She worked at Groove FM (1996-1999) in Accra and Flow FM (2005-2006) in Canada.

In 2008, she landed a role as a correspondent cum producer for MNET’S Studio 53, a documentary lifestyle show she says equipped her with “a firm grasp of the fast-paced often challenging demands of TV production and programming in Africa.”

Anita joined Viasat 1 in 2010, developing formats for and producing programs such as It Runs in the Family, News, Jamming Spot and The One Show – which she currently hosts.




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