MTTU, DVLA can help halt road accidents

MTTU, DVLA can help halt road accidents

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Dear Editor,

    THE recent lorry accident which occurred at Kintampo has brought to the fore, the recklessness and irresponsible operations of vehicles by our literate drivers on our roads which had from time immemorial brought so many families to their knees.

 But the question we should be asking ourselves are what are the causes of these avoidable and unavoidable slaughtering of passengers on our road?  Who are directly and indirectly responsible for these unnecessary lorry accidents?

Day in and day out as we drive along on our roads, we see ramshackle and rickety vehicles that also compete with us; some overspeeding, others doing dangerous driving and overtaking, some insulting especially the ‘tro tro’ drivers.  Who is to be blamed for all these mess?  Officials of the Driver Vehicle and Licensing Authority (D.V.L.A) as well as officers of the Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (M.T.T.U) cannot escape blame for all these things.

This is because as one drives along in town or on the highways, one sees most of these vehicles which should not be on our roads in the first place with Road Worthy Certificates giving them permission to operate.  How are the drivers able to acquire this document when they themselves know very well that they are not roadworthy.

Go to the various lorry stations all over the country and you will see these vehicles which are not fit to carry cattle loading passengers and when there is an accident, we try to apportion blame to other people.

The drivers and their mates are also dirty and not well dressed. Here, one would be tempted to ask the G.P.R.T.U and other transport bodies what they are doing by way of educating their members.

Every morning, from Central Accra to Kaneshie, one can see a lot of M.T.T.U officers standing by the roadside especially at the traffic lights ready to pounce on drivers at the least opportunity.

One day, because I was very sick, I beg one of these vehicles to pick me near the main lorry park.  Immediately the lorry stopped, out of nowhere emerged an officer from the M.T.T.U.  He stopped this vehicle, joined us and asked the driver to move on.

At the Freetown Traffic Lights, he demanded this money and quietly got down.  On market days and Saturdays when people travel to go and sell their wares and to attend funerals, between the Kpone Barrier and Dahwenya early in the morning, you will see scores of these M.T.T.U. officers by the roadside stopping vehicles, not to check their documents and conditions of their vehicles but to act as the first toll booth on this highway.

At the Central University area, there is another group.  At Adokope in the Dangbe East District, there is another group stopping vehicles and collecting tolls from drivers.

Abe Mensah,

  1. O. Box OS. 01296, X’borg-Osu, Accra.





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