DEAR Editor,

     I wish to express my condolences to the families of the recent flood and fire disaster in Accra. My heart goes to all those involved, especially those who lost their lives.

Henceforth, as a nation, we must hold our authorities to task, and demand that they do things in the proper manner, especially with our protection from such catastrophes.

Though many are calling for the re-location of fuel stations from residential areas, we must also practise proper sanitation, dispose refuse properly, to allow free flow of water through the drains and gutters whenever it rains.

It is shameful that in this 21st Century, some Ghanaians intentionally dispose of their refuse in gutters, with the belief that the rains would wash them away.

To save us from future disasters, all of us must ensure, we keep the environment clean. Assembly men and women, chiefs, family heads, and social clubs, among others, should organize communal labour regularly to desilt the gutters, while the authorities should see to it that, the debris are collected and dumped at the designated sites, so that we would be freed from further natural disasters.

The consequence of improper refuse disposal is dire, so we should not joke with it.

Portia Hutton-Mills, University of Ghana.






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