A HOST of foreign missionaries and diplomats assigned to the country last Tuesday evening pitched camp at the popular Traffix Catering Service at the National Theatre in Accra.

Their mission? To have a taste of an array of Ghanaian cuisine and beverages put on display by the restaurant.

It was organized by Traffix Catering Services and CookArt Ghana under the auspices of Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts (MOTCCA), to court the foreign missions to patronize and promote local cuisine, especially during their national day celebrations.

Diplomats and representatives from Senegal, Gambia, Colombia, Namibia, Niger, Equitorial Guinea, Russia, Mexico and Germany graced the occasion.

Beverages such as zoncom, tose, lamugi, palm wine, sobolo, brukutu, sugar loaf pineapple juice and tropical melon juice were displayed, in addition to assorted dishes.

Making the tall dish list were adorde (oysters), Akomfem, spicy fried peanut butter bites (kulikuli), koose (from beans), abolo (octopus in sauce), kelewele, suya and baby tilapia.

The rest were spicy mackerel (fish balls), plantain rounds (smoked tuna topping), sliced steamed black eye peas cake (tugbani), steamed corn dough bread (abolo), fish fingers, snail khebab, gizzard on picks and spicy octopus.

In a brief welcoming speech, the Chief Executive of Traffix Catering Service, Mrs. Bella Ahu, described the event as the first in the history of Ghana.

“What we actually want, is to introduce to the various dignitaries here present our Ghanaian finger-bites,” she said, and called on the missions to incorporate Ghanaian dishes into their national day celebrations.

By James Harry Obeng



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